There are several weight loss diet plans that helps in reducing extra pounds from the body. In 1950 Dr. Simeon discovered the usefulness of the hormone HCG in the treatment of obesity. The scheme was as far as shots. Later, other forms such as tablets, gels, sprays and drops have been developed. Sublingual drops are very popular now days. HCG oral drops provide a satisfactory reduction of fat with a very low calorie diet. Before entering the weight loss plan, you should know about free diet recipes and how they are prepared.

Here Are Some Facts About The HCG Diet Plan.

  • Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is largely in the urine of pregnant women.
  • Drugs are the diet in several ways, including injections, pills, gels, oral drops and gel are available.
  • A user must strictly maintain the 500 calorie diet under the Directive provides sufficient weight loss diet book per day.
  • Anyone under 16 can not HCG. In addition, he / she can take HCG if he / she has reached puberty.
  • During the period should not HCG. It can extend your plan of 72 hours after the periods.
  • HCG is prohibited during pregnancy. Although some building plans in the near future should be avoided.

The weight loss drops are homeopathic in nature and therefore secure. These are available online as well as over the counter such as medical store, HCG clinics and supermarket without nay prescription. These diet drops need to be taken under the tongue and it do not require supervision of medical expert.